WNM is a company based in Belgium.

WNM brings you 20 years of experience by offering audiovisual broadcast facilities.

Specialized in TV sound for multicamera recording and ENG, intercom systems and analogue and digital RF transmission systems, WNM has a large equipment park with the highest technology level.

WNM provides consulting services and operational services for major events such as the football World Cup and the Olympic Games.

WNM is also active in engineering for radio and TV studios both electronically and for the acoustic management of buildings.

Finally, WNM provides training courses for audiovisual service providers, TV channels and production companies.
A high-performance, multidisciplinary, solid, highly available team ensures quality service during various audiovisual performances.

WNM is the solution for your technical and human resources needs:

  • Multi-cam sound recording of sporting events, TV shows, concerts, …
  • ENG
  • Intercom systems (analogue, digital, HF, …)
  • Long-range HF links / HF transmissions
  • Transport of signals over fibre or over IP