Formerly Broady Solutions, BSRF offers RF transport solutions.

Extension of fiber antennas

BSRF designs and manufactures systems allowing the creation of extended and multizone RF coverage through the use of optical fibre (RF over Fiber¬†technology) in both reception and transmission (returns, headsets, intercoms, …).

Our systems provide solutions for numerous applications in fields such as fiction, broadcasting, radio, events, live broadcasts or installation for unusual coverage (shopping malls, stadiums, TV studios, theaters, etc.).

BSRF systems were used to extend the HF coverage of the 2014 World Cup stadiums in Brazil and at EURO 2016 in France, and on many film shoots, events and television sets.



  • Extension of the antennas of diversity receivers and VHF/UHF transmitters up to 10km
  • Extended and multizone HF coverage
  • Optimisation of antenna placement
  • Wide range of products dedicated to installation and service
  • Compatible with all wireless (digital or analog) systems on the market (Sennheiser, Shure, Phonak, RTS, Overline, Lectrosonics)
  • Plug & play, very simple setup and configuration
  • No signal conversion